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When Life's Journey is difficult


Sometimes it helps to have someone walk with you

as you navigate bumps in the road that get in the way.


A bump in the road might be

  • unhelpful thoughts

  • overwhelming emotions

  • difficult events, situations or experiences

As a therapist, I can walk on this journey with you

providing support and guidance to help you get to where you want to go


With Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and the Hakomi principles, we can explore your unique journey with curiosity and respect, integrating all aspects of self — mind, emotions, body and spirit.

For an appointment, call me on

0403 136 398


If you would like me to call you, SMS me or fill in this form

Dr Lenora M. Wing Lun
Qualifications & Training
My qualifications


My speciality is working with adults who are unhappy with where their life is at.  Often this manifests as

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • depression


and can be triggered by problems

  • in the workplace

  • in our relationships

  • in our family life

I also specialise in working with adults who have experienced traumatic events and relationships.  Such events can range from accidental events where we felt overwhelming fear and threat to complex relationships where we were hurt or mistreated.

Sometimes difficulties can relate to childhood experiences.  Well meaning parents can put pressure on a child.  In extreme circumstances, parents or caregivers may be abusive or neglect their responsiblities.


Each child learns to cope, to survive to become the person they are today.  However, sometimes the survival skills are no longer helpful or useful in everyday adult relationships and life.


Less helpful ways of coping can include withdrawing, being dependent, feeling helpless, aggression, being reactive, being distrustful, and fantasying about being rescued rather than taking action.


Other ways of coping can appear highly functional, but seem to get in the way of relationships and living a full life.  For example, becoming really good at planning and taking action to the point it's hard to let go.  Or being overly self-reliant can make it hard to connect in relationships.


Gently exploring these problems may help resolve feelings of anxiety, depression and trauma.

With my specialist training and experience in the area of trauma, I am committed to helping people who have had traumatic experiences by providing a safe environment with effective trauma treatment.

For an appointment, call me on

0403 136 398


If you would like me to call you, SMS me or fill in this form

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